Emelie Ögren by Josefine Jönsson Photography

Emelie Ögren by  Josefine Jönsson Photography

Model is Emelie Ögren
Photo by Josefine Jönsson
Harness by Happyendingscum
Book/magazine covers:
Cat Clarke – Entangled.
Adam Creed – Kwetsbare vrouw
Cat Patrick – Forgotten
Mari Jungstedt – The dead of Summer
Chevy Stevens – Onwetend
Håkan Nesser – The inspector and silence
Håkan Nesser – Woman with a birthmark
C.J Daugherty – Night School
Nelle Davy – The Legacy of Eden
Gina Blaxill – Forget me never
Cat Patrick – Forgotten Polish version
Quentin Bates – Cold comfort
Anita Hughes – The beach holiday
Katherine Webb – Det du ikke ser
Karin Slaughter – Genadeloos

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