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Perfect-Style-Knower is an avant-garde, unconventional, fashion-forward online site for those who admire hyper-fashion-fetish-erotism trends. Our goal is to reveal evocative photographs so that they can be recognized by the unknown and collect the appreciation of the known. We want to inspire the aspiring artist as well as the renowned. NSFW

2/ Andreas filmmaker 



Currently, my health is considered serious, I need daily care and controls. I am still in a hospital under observation, sadly separated from my wife for 4 years. I try, despite everything, to work on my computer despite the pain and fatigue, due to medication!


French Artist inspired:
“Who lives at peace with himself lives in peace with the universe.”

* Eclipse-Video Society
*Director Camera Operator, Filmmaker
* Designer Editor
* Short Films, Video Advertising, Video Clips, Slideshow
* Expert Editing in Special Effects
* Digital Effects // Video Editing

_ Anniversary, Wedding, Bar-Mitzva, Events
Short Film, Corporate Movie, Advertising, Video Photo, Clips Slideshow,
Special effects expert editing

* Master II in Clinical Psychology
* Lecturer in Psychology
* Sexology Specialist
* University Diploma in Hypnosis at IFH (French Institute of Hypnosis, Paris)
* Experience in Psychoanalysis

* Music, Movies, Video Clips, Psychology, Astrology, Philosophy, Art History, Paintings, Sculpture, Esthetism, Fashion, photography.

Also, animals, nature are a big part of my life.

* Casino, Les Affranchis, Scarface, Hero, Hamlet, Leaving Las Vegas, La Passion du Christ

* Traité du Désespoir, Biopathie du Cancer, Qu’appelle-t-on Penser ? Psychologie, Au-delà du Principe de Plaisir.

* Swimming
* Weight Lifter

* Computer (Addicted to the Internet)
* I Love contemporary art and art history, fashion, and erotic-fetish photography!
* l love and respect the Animal Kingdom; l’m a vegetarian.

“If he seriously and sincerely seeks the moral way, the first man to deprive himself of will be animal food; because [….] its use is simply immoral, because it requires action contrary to the feeling of morality – assassination – and it is provoked only by gluttony, voracity. Leo Tolstoy (1891) Russian writer


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  1. Love your site, your photography is outstanding. As a photographer myself, I can appreciate the beauty of the girls and the craftsmanship of the photography.

    Larry Archer


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