Illustrations of Erotic Encounters With Raffaele Marinetti

Lydia Yvonne pin-up artwork Raffaele Marinetti

Illustrations of Erotic Encounters With Raffaele Marinetti.

Raffaele Marinetti is an Italian-born illustrator, painter and pin-up artist. Living in Naples, Raffaele produces an incredible volume of pin-ups, from sketches, pencil illustrations, digital paintings, watercolors and inked drawings. Just as stellar as his workload is the attention to detail and capturing of evocative expressions of his pin-up women.The alluring redhead that Raffaele named Lydia is the subject of many of Marinetti’s creations. Often he chooses to feature this particular pin-up queen colored in spectacular glory, resting against and contrasting her surroundings.

Marinetti has also featured Lydia with another of his pin-up lovelies, a brunette he calls Yvonne. The couple are often depicted in erotic lovemaking scenes, like the following sample: Another one of his Lydia pin-ups that we recently featured on our Facebook page for Pin-up Cartoon Girls. The red and flesh

redhead pin-up artwork sexy

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