Sensual portraits with vibrant colors – Rococo style by Alexia Sinclair



Sensual portraits with vibrant colors – Rococo style by Alexia Sinclair

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Alexia Sinclair is an Australian visual artist and photographer who offers a contemporary vision of her fascination with the 18th century French Court. From designing sets and accessories to makeup and costumes, she does everything herself. Thanks to digital techniques, his photographs are highlighted in a flamboyant way in the middle of a floral fantasy. A baroque romance where palaces and gardens serve as decor for aesthetic compositions of a Rococo style.

Rococo showcases a series of theatrical artworks inspired by the lives, gardens and motifs of 18th century high society. The excessive, luxurious and exotic creations of the French court has inspirited the costuming throughout; from Madame de Pompadour’s porcelain flowers to Madame du Barry’s diamond necklace, Marie Antoinette’s muslin chemise, and the Duchess of Devonshire’s towering plumes.

With the Rococo Period being known as the pleasure playgrounds, the floral backdrop in Sinclair’s images pays homage to a time of hidden gardens, mazes and wild flower meadows that helped form the setting of decedent garden parties and mischievous encounters.

The theatrical sets are intricately constructed from thousand of live flowers and serve as a stage for the exquisitely costumed, painted and wigged Rococo characters. Through the visual narrative, Sinclair invites her audience to peek down into this playful world to be seduced by whimsical gardens and entrancing creations.

Wath the video:

360] Rococo from Alexia Sinclair on Vimeo.

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