Experimental Fishbowl Photography by Dana Triple




Experimental Fishbowl Photography by Dana Triple

Here is a series of experimental self-portraits of the Models Dana Trippe (we had already once featured) that simply is has photographed times through a goldfish bowl. The model had the idea when she so a tiny bit began to stripping in front of a fishbowl with friends over wine and Weed in the living room. An excellent idea, which I will also apply even within the framework of a shooting on occasion. What do you say?

„A photo is always more appealing to me when it’s put through a distorted or unrealistic perspective. Sometimes it seems appropriate to shoot a moment in time exactly how it is in real life but I seem to be more happy when I’m pushing myself to experiment while shooting… the fishbowl has been my favorite effect so far. I’m no model, but when you´re shooting self portraits there’s no one else to worry about or please but yourself. You can take your sweet time and get as weird as you need to be.“

Source: whudat

5 thoughts on “Experimental Fishbowl Photography by Dana Triple

  1. Dabir Dalton

    Amazing photos makes me wonder how you got back out of the bowel and where can I buy one if so do I get to pick the girl! 🙂 Once again utterly amazing. 🙂


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