Message addressed to some followers: please, in a spirit of solidarity and clarification, and so that everything is pleasant for everyone! I would ask you to watch or browse and “like”or more, our articles (if you liked); at least “as much” as we did, we have read and loved many of yours. So only by pure politeness, please, do not subscribe and do not like one or two articles, just for give the change, if the blog is not at your convenience… Thank you all for your understanding. P.S.K and F.A.S Team —

Originally posted on Perfect-Style-Knower: We especially want to thank all other followers for their loyalty, generosity and true support! This will not be forgotten! A big, big THANK YOU.

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I will add that many bloggers who are not careful that we signed up for their facebook, twitter and that we « like » their « about ».

Except by omission, or because I have not seen anything (I am visually impaired), I always give back what I was given,

It’s nice when you get the favor; everyone likes that.
We all need to be gratified.

It’s been nine years since I was a blogger this is the first platform where very few people practice the re-blog, (it’s the real sharing), and the best way for your articles to circulate.

There are several types of bloggers and ways to blog:

_My blog represents artists who trust us. For years they have let me publish them, it’s a responsibility and if I can not make them known enough, they will not like to be represented on a blog where followers do not appreciate very little art and the artists. It is a semi professional blog, which has requirements to respect.

Others will prefer to become friends and to be satisfied with some faithful people with whom they will dialogue. because it is their own work; poetry, photographs etc … These are entirely personal blogs.

And on this platform, we know very quickly those who follow you and become regular and those who will wait to be asked first, before taking a look at your blog to enjoy one or two small items in a gesture of great kindness! While you have already seen a lot of their publications.

Note also those who will totally ignore your presence.

After all it’s only a click! which for some is worth it … because it is a small power.

So if in the community, bloggers do not respond present and are reluctant to make clicks to put their appreciation; it is that they are not sufficiently involved in the whole movement. They will be able to put all the poems of wisdom of the world, the coherence does not follow any more, as soon as it is necessary to do the smallest action, to the greatest number.