Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen Photography. Fine art images, both color and black and white, from around the world, emphasizing environmental portraits, landscapes, people, wildlife and abstracts. Chicago based professional photographer / digital artist offering creative, high quality images  Album Covers and Promo Photos serving the music industry. · Model Portfolios - Enhance your model portfolio with custom, …

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_NSFW_ Impressive Erotic Illustrations Of Apollonia Saintclair





 Impressive Erotic illustrations Of  Apollonia Saintclair
 on Tumblr – Behance –Society6
 Ink is my blood. I draw for my own sake and for your pleasure. As a long-time resident of the Old World, I split my time between the kitchen and my studio.’ Apollonia Saintclair. She creating neo-noir surrealist sexscapes. Apollonia Saintclair, the artist who’s collected thousands of obsessed fans on Tumblr with her weird and wonderful black and white erotica.
If a female clone of Edward Gorey had been raised in the ‘90s on a strict diet of David Lynch, Junji Ito, and J.G. Ballard and grew up to specialize in satirical fetish erotica, the result would still pale in comparison to the art of Apollonia Saintclair, the artist behind these idiosyncratic old-school erotic drawings in black-and-white ink. But describing them simply as “black and white erotic drawings” fails to capture their neo-noir surrealism, wicked humour, and…

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Warren du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones’ Merging Bodies


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Warren du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones’ Merging Bodies

Nick Thornton Jones takes gorgeous, high-saturation photos of models utilizing an overlapping technique that exoticizes the inherent form of his models. Using bright, neon-fruit colors and the kind of post silhouettes of Bond Girls in tight spandex, Jones creates an intoxicating new take on a nostalgic image of the glamor woman. These photos are fine art, photography and fashion all in one.

 Via: thefashionspot

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“My Neon Doll” by Mystery Ladies on Vimeo (nsfw)




MY NEON DOLL by Mystery Ladies 

A pretty doll escaped from a 90s VHS dressed in fluo comes alive and plays between the shadow and the light.
It is the blacklight performance of Lilou, great accustomed of the shows on stage, she accepted to take up the challenge of this graphic and aesthetic video between bodypainting and lightpainting. The character disappears in the darkness with its stripping to reappear better and to re-dress his naked body with fluorescent paint.
h/t: LILOU : MY NEON DOLL – Mystery Ladies

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Portraits de Hart-Worx | Hartmut Nörenberg


Tattoo-Model Victoria van Violence gegen Pelz - Ink not Mink
Portraits de Hart-Worx | Hartmut Nörenberg 

Facebook / DeviantArt/ on Behance 

Hartmut Nörenberg aka Hart Worx is a German photographer and also a digital artist. He specializes in portraits and photography lifestyle. Harmut likes to play on colors and contrasts but more particularly on the light present on the photographs. Indeed, his work is easily recognizable. His photographs are sensual and seem truly natural.

Visit his website at Hart-Worx.co& || Photo & Retouch. 

H/T: Whitezine

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NSFW – Malika Favre’s Animated Kama Sutra Alphabet




NSFW – Malika Favre’s Animated Kama Sutra Alphabet

See: The Kama Sutra/letters

In 2011, illustrator and graphic designer Mailka Favre was commissioned by Penguin Books to illustrate the new Deluxe Classic Cover of the Kama Sutra by Vatsyayana. Using the first 7 letters she illustrated for the commission as a starting point, Favre decided to develop the full set of the alphabet, resulting in a racy Kama Sutra typeface. After creating the designs, Favre worked with animators to turn her images into actively coital gifs. Inspired by the everyday design and fashion she encounters in London, Favre’s aesthetic is bold and colorful, with clean and simple lines and curves…

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Noora Noor – Forget what I said

https://youtu.be/eNTnm216GhQ Watch & Listen: Noora Noor - Forget what I said “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ― Maya Angelou